Outdoor Space Must haves!

Jul 10, 2023

Outdoor Space Must haves!

Everyone can feel summer and spring right around the corner that means that patio parties, BBQ’s, and entertaining in general is on the horizon. This means it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor space! Whether you have 10 acres, a half-acre, or a city lot, each spring your space needs sprucing! Here are some must haves for your outdoor space. I hope you enjoy some of these ideas!

  1. Covered Gathering Space

Make sure you have an area that is designated for gathering outside. Make sure your space has some sort of coverage. If you can, I recommend a gazebo, pavilion, or pergola. If you Can’t afford a gazebo or Pavilion, a pergola is a great option, just make sure that you have a sun shade to put over the top for those hot days. This detail adds a great look to your backyard and offers comfort to your guests.

  1. Backyard Space Décor

Decorating your new space can always be a little overwhelming. There are so many things you can do to make your backyard comfortable at an affordable rate. Thankfully, thrifting decorations and repurposing them is very popular this day in age! My top items that I recommend is patio furniture, a fire pit of some kind, and backyard lights! If you have a bar space, this also adds to the décor and you can add all kinds of little decorations like quirky little signs, old rake head as a wine glass holder, old pitcher as a flower pot, etc. These little touches make such a big difference! Greenery is very trendy this season. A lot of people are liking adding a lot of foliage as décor instead of actual decorations. Think of a garden aesthetic for your backyard space, that is what is popular. Personally, I am more of a rustic girly so I like the rustic recycled look better. Getting a BBQ or a Trager is always a must for the nights you want to BBQ!

  1. Entertainment Options

Who doesn’t like hanging around the fire and playing games? Having different options for your friends and family and kids always makes staying outside more exciting and enticing. When my husband and I redesigned our backyard be put a sand pit in where I have our corn hole boards. Corn hole is a great game that everyone can participate in! We also have a multi-use net for badminton & volleyball. Another great idea is bocce ball. You can even find ones that light up! This is another nighttime fun game. We like to keep dice and a deck of cards outside along with a pad of paper and some pens. The game 10,000 is another great game that all can enjoy.