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Meet Jo Ann Gould

To this day, Jo Ann Gould remembers the wonderful moment in 1982 when she and her husband Don, recently married, left San Jose and headed north for a visit to Central Oregon. They wanted to take exciting vacation fishing on the many lakes and rivers in Central Oregon.

A funny thing happened when Jo Ann and Don arrived.  They were overwhelmed by the beautiful landscapes and the active lifestyle of the area.  Before they knew it, they were making plans to move to Central Oregon permanently.  They really didn’t have any desire to venture back to the crowded and hectic atmosphere of San Jose where they had a successful manufacturing business. It was clear that this rural community with its active lifestyle and picturesque setting was the ideal place to call home.

New lifestyle in Oregon

Prior to becoming a full-time Realtor in 2003, I was a general contractor. My duties were: installing pumps in wells, whole house water treatment, and water testing. But the real pride & joy of my work was when my husband and I built our log home from the ground up!  All these experiences have helped me be a better Realtor.

Real Estate is truly a wonderful career.  Stop on by our office and meet the staff.  The coffee is always on!

~Jo Ann Gould, Principal Broker

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Meet Elle Frias

A happy Hello!

Phone: 541-588-0449
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I have lived in Central Oregon for 20 years and would never live anywhere else! Previously I lived in Oregon City, Canby, and Milwaukee Oregon. I am a native ‘Oregonian’ one could say. I enjoy several hobbies such as hiking, fishing, and camping, traveling, and horseback riding. If I had to pick just one hobby I would choose horses every time. I grew up around them my whole life competing when I was younger in Pee-wee rodeos, 4 –H, and equestrian team in high school. When I am not working, playing with my horses, or taking care of my family, I love to read! Some of my favorite authors and poets are Ellen Hopkins, Emily Dickinson, Oscar Wide, and Anita Shreve just to name a few. I love the central Oregon lifestyle and I can help pair you with a home that offers the same!

~Elle Frias, Broker

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Meet Sharon Crites

Phone: 509.881.1898

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Cheers everyone!

Let’s make Central Oregon your playground!
I’m Sharon Crites, and I’m proud to say that I’m a native Oregonian. Born and raised in Douglas County, I grew up in the country on a small ranch. I love the outdoors, mountains, lakes, rivers and more! In 1986 I married my best friend that I lived next door to when we were kids and we have 2 daughters, and 3 granddaughters! Since I was very small, I have always spent time in Central Oregon. My husband and I are avid deer/elk hunters, and for me, fishing at Diamond Lake is the best! We also love to ride ATV’s and snowmobiles! I owned my own business for over 17+ years, and retired! Then decided I was not cut out for that yet and became a Real Estate Agent! I love working with the public and showing clients where I live and play in Central Oregon.

~Sharon Crites, Broker

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Meet Brittanie Hendricks

Phone: 541.213.5621

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Hello everyone!

My name is Brittanie and I have lived in central oregon since 2012. I love to camp, fish and enjoy the outdoors with my family. Reading is one of my favorite things to do during winter, as well as throw snowballs to my fur babies. I recently got into RC cars and am hoping to start racing them here soon along with my fiance and son! Being next to water is my all time favorite! The beach, lakes, rivers, you name it! 

I want to be able to provide exceptional service to anyone looking to sell or buy a home and I hope to connect with everyone and leave a positive impression on anyone i come in contact with. Hope to speak to you soon!! 

~Brittanie Hendricks, Broker

Meet Ed Benjamin

Phone: 541.771.2152

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Born and raised on the wet side of Oregon, I grew up exploring the backroads and offroad corners of the state, camping, fishing and hunting.  My wife and I raised our 2 sons in the same manner while I was employed with the Corps of Engineers and Bureau of Land Management.  Wanting to live closer to nature and enjoy it on a daily basis, we re-explored some rural areas and eventually relocated to Beautiful Central Oregon where we found our dream on the banks of the Little Deschutes River.
Having enjoyed the challenge and adventure of searching for, finding, and taking possession of our special place led me to become a licensed Realtor in 2007, allowing me the pleasure and satisfaction of helping others achieve their dreams while getting to know so many wonderful people from so many different places.
Whether I am assisting newcomers to the area or travelling across the state to find a new home for sellers who are listed with me, every day as a Realtor is memorable and rewarding for me.

~Ed Benjamin, Broker